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RainDrop EntertainmentBrian Rainey is a dynamic entertainer/entrepreneur who has made his mark in a number of media and businesses throughout his progressive career. Having been both the talent and the manager, Brian is uniquely positioned to put his music savvy and business skills towards finding the best entertainment package for you.

Originally trained in Classical Guitar at York University (where he picked up a B.A. along the way), Brian did post-graduate voice work at San Diego State University.

As a singer/guitarist, he has appeared from Quebec City to Aspen, Colorado, Whistler and throughout California. Brian's multiple talents, sense of humour and ability to engage a crowd have led him to perform in all kinds of venues, from Quebec City's elegant Grand Théâtre (opening for Donna Summer in 1976) to the open air of Ontario Place and Toronto's own Madison Avenue Pub.

Brian was also a regular commentator/interviewer on the "Bob Dawson Show" and spent years as an on-air Video Jockey on Quebec City's "M15-Live" for Reseau Pathonic Television.

Apart from live television and musical acts, Brian (an A.C.T.R.A member) also appeared in principal and featured roles in film and on television:

  • Office Character - People of the Earth (Conan O'brien executive producer)
  • Once a Thief, Actor (Beugler) Screen Ventures 21 Productions
  • Lifetime Network USA's "Hidden Room Anthology Series - Sarah Cole Episode"
  • Allegro Film's feature "Backstab"
  • Triumph Entertainment's "Friday's Curse"
  • CBC Television's "Seeing Things" and "Vanderberg"; and
  • The widely syndicated Alliance series "Diamonds"
  • Reign
  • Suits
  • Saving Hope
  • 12 Monkeys
  • Man Seeking Woman
  • Tim Horton's commercial with Sid Crosby for the 2014 Sochi winter Olympics
  • Heritage commercial - "John A McDonald and the signing of Confederation"
  • People of Earth
  • Crawford
  • Private Eyes

RainDrop EntertainmentThe 'go-to' movie guy at the beginning of the home video craze, Brian also successfully ran two boutique video rental operations, until he wisely divested himself at the height of these assets' value when the big chains began to dominate the market.

Guitarist, singer, humorist, entrepreneur, actor and T.V. host, Brian brings his vast entertainment experience to provide quality entertainment that is right for your market, budget and success. RainDrop Entertainment clients enjoy the convenience of a roster of hundreds of the best acts available - all personally auditioned, scheduled and coordinated by Brian.

RainDrop - Thirty-five years of proven entertainment expertise working for you.

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